Why You Need A Professional Real Estate Agent

In the recent years, more and more Canadians are opting to purchase real estate properties through professional realty sales representatives. According to a research conducted by CMHC, 23 percent of the real estate deals have been arranged by mortgage brokers, which is quite a number. This has become a common practice in Canada and the trend has been increasing over the years. In some countries like US, this number has even reached above 70 percent as US people don’t even file up the mortgage application without the professional assistance. Here, you will find out that why you should you consider a real estate agent.


  1. Highly Convenient

A mortgage broker does liaison between buyer and seller. Thus, make your home buying process a lot easier. This professional knows well how to get the deal done hassle free as he has access to all information required. For instance, a real estate sales agent will ask you for your home needs and then, he will track down the right deal for you and would arrange for your visit.


  1. A Great Assistance In Deal Negotiations

Many people think that doing a direct deal with the owner is better than taking assistance from an agent. They feel like the process is more transparent if there is no third party involved between a buyer and a seller. This is a bit true in the case if the seller is a reasonable personality but unfortunately this hardly happens.


For instance, if you are a buyer and like a home but don’t like its decor. In that case, you can simply convey your message to the owner without insulting the owner. You might be looking for discounts and your realty representative can negotiate on your behalf. Thereby, making the negotiation part easy for you.


  1. Help During Crisis

Consider if you are buying a house with a mortgage and you have suddenly lost your finances due to any emergency spend ups. In such tough times, you would lose your deposit and could also be sued by the seller for not fulfilling the contract conditions. Here, an experienced real estate agent can rescue you and would help you safely file up the contract conditions.


From here you can understand that real estate agents can actually be beneficial to you. They can be your best friends who will do everything to make your realty deal successful. With them, you will enjoy fair services with good results.


We, 1 percent commission, are dedicated to get the best realty deal for you. Over the years, we have successfully helped a lot of clients in making a hassle free purchase. We strive for your satisfaction and willing to go extra miles for you. Contact us for a convenient and hassle free service.

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